Travel Safe Jewellery

Jewellery is something which is very close to the heart. Travelling with Real Jewellery for a Destination Wedding or to attend a Family Affair can be tricky.Who would want to travel with Expensive, Sentimental Jewellery & always mull about the risk of it getting stolen or some Wear & Tear. When you ant to travel, you want to look good & feel good rather than worrying about losing precious items.The best solution is to carry jewellery which is Inexpensive & versatile Costume Jewellery. An Engagement Ring which is your most precious Ring also Holds memories. It is always a great idea to get made your Engagement Ring in Moissanite. Moissanite has the Exact Appearance as of a Natural Diamond. Moissanite is naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorph.It is a Diamond alternative & has the appearance of a Natural Diamond.

How to Pack Jewellery & Travel Safely with jewellery

Extremely Carefully. While packing Jewellery, it is imperative to gather unwanted Attention, Loss & damage.There are various options to protect jewellery like Pouches, Travel cases & Jewellery rolls.

Few tips on How to Carry Jewellery safely

1. Document Jewellery that you Bring in- Making a visual inventory of the Pieces of you are carrying. It can be helpful if you need to file a police report for any reason, there will be proof of ownership.
2. Know when to remove your jewellery- The valuables are mostly safe when you in sight , but there are several activities during which they should be removed. Eg: An affair happening poolside where you might be vulnerable to go inside the pool.
3.Don't reveal your Jewellery- If you flaunt your jewellery much by telling its worth, you might become a target. Posting too much on social media can also gather unwanted attention. Expensive jewellery should be concealed especially if you are in unknown area.
4. Pack your jewellery carefully- When packing your jewellery, you have to store your jewellery safely by separating items by type like Bracelets , Earrings etc. Then segregate by material type eg: Silver, Gold etc.This will help to prevent Tangling or Damage. Untangling jewellery seems like a task & consume lot of time.You can also carry Lockable Jewellery case.
5. Choose jewellery wisely- Jewellery shall be chosen which is easily detachable and a little lightweight.Flashy blingy jewellery shall be kept home. Jewellery which is irreplaceable shall not be carried. For eg: Diamond Earrings received from your Husband, Mother's inherited Ring etc. Also the jewellery you are carrying should not be kept in Check-In bag. There is always a chance it might get misplaced or broken as jewellery is fragile.
6. When not to remove Rings- Don't remove rings while washing hands or beach side then inadvertently leave them in Public Washrooms.



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