How to choose a Solitaire Ring?

How to choose a Solitaire Ring?

A solitaire ring is a timeless gift and a symbol of love and commitment. They represent everlasting Love. From the start, Diamonds have been fascinated by humans and kept them enthralled. They have been a symbol of Wealth, power, and Love. 

What is a Solitaire Diamond?

A solitaire Diamond is a single diamond that is set in a ring. The attention and focus of the ring is towards the Diamond with an elegant design. They are associated with purity, clarity, and unbreakable nature. A ring is a sign of eternal love depicting transparency in a relationship. 

Emotional Connection with the Ring

 When someone wears a solitaire ring, they are carrying a piece of it. The Ring is passed on for generations and has enough stories to be reminded of. Rings carry sentimental value and stories of the past. They are an asset that takes the person back to the moment when the Ring was brought into their Lives for example Engagement, at a Wedding or a proposal. The Diamond has a charisma that draws towards it. The beauty is beyond physical appearance. Apart from just a gemstone, they ignite emotions. Diamonds are truly loved by every woman as they become a part of their personality. 

Types of Solitaire Rings

1. Natural Diamond Solitaire Rings- Rings with Natural Diamonds are the most popular and traditional Choice. They are made from Diamonds extracted from the earth i.e. Natural Diamonds. They are expensive and valued based on Cut, Clarity, Carat, and color.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds- Lab Grown Diamond Industry is booming and has become recently popular in the last few years. Lab Grown Diamonds have the same Chemical and physical properties as of Natural Diamond. The only difference between a Natural and Lab-grown Diamond is that they are made in Lab. They are also less expensive and sustainable. People can opt for Lab Grown Diamonds without creating a hole in their pocket. They also have Properties of clarity, Cut, Carat, and Colour and are certified by the same organization that certifies Natural Diamonds. 

3. Moissanite- Moissanite is an excellent alternative to Diamonds. Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral Silicon Carbide. It is a gemstone becoming Popular. No one can tell from the naked eye the difference between a natural diamond and a Moissanite. Moisannite also is a lot cheaper than Natural Diamond. Moissanite can cater to your Budget if Natural and Lab Grown are a higher price and you want the look and appearance of a natural one. 

Significance of Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat

Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat are 4 C's of a Diamond. These are imperative to determine the value and quality of a Diamond. Cut determines how the diamond interacts with Light linking to its brilliance. It gives a different appearance with Gold, Silver, platinum, etc. Clarity refers to the absence of blemishes & flaws. Color refers to various shades in Diamonds. A diamond can have a tinch of yellow or brown and also be transparent or colorless. Carat denotes the weight of a diamond. 

Luxury Souvenir Lab Grown Diamond Rings

At Luxury Souvenir, Jewellery is crafted meticulously with utmost care. We have a luxury collection of Lab Grown Diamond Rings in exquisite shapes and designs. Our Designer and CEO, Raghu Raj Grover takes inspiration from the elegance of modern designs to create rings that are both timeless and contemporary. Each Ring is crafted with attention to detail ensuring every Diamond sparkles without compromising on quality and Beauty. Luxury Souvenir Jewellery stands out not just for its designs but Ethical and Environmentally friendly Lab grown diamond jewellery.
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